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AG Orders Investigation of Alleged Prosecutors Rp10 Billion Blackmail
Kamis, 30 Januari 2014 | 02:15 WIB
Basrief Arief -

Skalanews - Attorney General, Basrief Arief ordered Deputy Attorney General in Supervision (Jamwas) Mahfud Manan to trace the alleged extortion involved unscrupulous prosecutors toward Operational Director of PT Mapna Indonesia, M Bahalwan.

"Certainly I've asked for surveillance," Basrief told reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday (29/1)

According to Basrief, if Bahalwan accusations, who also suspect in the alleged corruption for Life Time Extention (LTE) Gas Turbine (GT) 2.1 dan 2.2, Steam Gas Power Plant (PLTGU) Block 2, Belawan in 2012, were true then he promised to crack down on the particular unscrupulous prosecutors.

"If it is in fact clear, yes I will take a stand," he said.

Bahalwan previously claimed prosecutors blackmailed him Rp10 billion by the lure of not being detained. Over the extortion, Bahalwan reportedly attempted to commit suicide by firing his pistol on Monday (27/1) night.

However, his action was prevented and Bahalwan finally arrested and detained in Salemba Prison, Attorney General Branch. (frida astuti/bus/mar)

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