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Asean Economy Community Faces Language and Cultural Challange
Kamis, 13 Maret 2014 | 17:26 WIB
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Skalanews - Language and culture are the two main things that can be a challenge for the ASEAN countries members towards the implementation of the ASEAN Economy Community by 2015.

"Indonesian skilled labor must take advantage of any cross-nation working agreements that has been agreed upon by the ASEAN Economy Community. This is a challenge," stated Deputy for International Economic Cooperation of the Economic Coordinating Ministry Rizal Affandi Lukman here on Thursday.

Indonesia is one of the ASEAN countries members that have ratified the ASEAN Economy Community cross-nation working agreement, where there people from eight recognized profession can work or be recruited by the community's participating countries.

To take advantage of these agreements, Indonesian laborers must not only be qualified in terms of skills, but also able to adapt to conditions on each country.

In this case, culture and language are two of the main challenges in the agreement, noted Rizal.

"Workers are expected to increase their linguistic proficiency besides English," explained Rizal.

Skills in terms of language and culture certainly improve the competitiveness of Indonesian skilled laborers in the eyes of other ASEAN Economy Community participating countries.

"We have to be ready to compete with other countries," explained Rizal.

Rizal further argued that the readiness of Indonesia towards the implementation of the ASEAN Economy Community's has reached 84 percent. (ant/mar)

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