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No Modern Nation Adopts Direct Regional Head Election: Legislator
Minggu, 5 Oktober 2014 | 10:31 WIB
Direct elections -

Skalanews - Indirect polls are the best way to elect regional heads in Indonesia now that no modern country adopts direct polls to elect regional leaders, a local legislator said.

"I once lived in the Netherlands and Germany where no regional heads are elected directly. These two nations are modern and highly educated," Iskandarsyah, a member of the Riau Islands provincial legislative council (DPRD), said here Saturday.

Regional heads in Indonesia, which adopts a presidential system, are the assistants of the president so they should never be elected by the people, he said.

Direct elections are also a waste of money, he said citing the example of the Riau Islands provincial government which spent more than Rp50 billion on regional head elections in 2010.

Unfortunately, the huge budget spending was not in proportion to the regional heads elected. In fact, the election turnout in Riau islands province was only between 55 and 60 percent.

"Most of the voters who cast their votes also do not know who their would-be leaders are. So they should be represented," he said.

In its plenary session earlier Friday (September 26), the House of Representatives (DPR) endorsed the bill on regional head elections into a law. The bill stipulates that regional heads would be elected by the Regional Legislative Assemblies (DPRD) and not by the people directly.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had himself issued two government regulations in lieu of law (Perppus) on the regional head election on Thursday evening to stop the implementation of the bill on regional elections that the Parliament had passed into a law last week.

He issued the Perppus following widespread objection to the bill. The bill changed the direct election of provincial governors, district heads and city mayors by the people into an indirect one by the Regional Legislative Assemblies. (ant/mar)