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No Sara Issues in Election Campaigns: Home Affairs Minister
Minggu, 25 September 2016 | 08:23 WIB
Tjahjo Kumolo - [bismarizal/skalanews]

Skalanews - Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo has urged people to avoid raising sensitive issues related to ethnic, religious, racial or group differences in the coming regional elections.

"Provocateurs must not be allowed to spoil the atmosphere in the run up to the elections, using issues related to 'SARA' (ethnic, religious, racial and group differences)," he said after opening a national meeting of a mass organization here on Saturday.

He appealed to campaign teams and candidates to compete in a spirit of sportsmanship without inciting their own supporters to resort to such issues to beat their political rivals. "We will closely monitor the developments every day," he assured.

Minister Tjahjo said his office, the State Intelligence Agency and the police will be working to identify and pre-empt any such activities in the run up to the regional elections early next year.

He informed that the police and the State Intelligence Agency have mapped in detail all regions where such conflicts may potentially happen.

He, however, called upon all stakeholders to give a public assurance that no such activities will be allowed.

"We appeal to all candidates not to incite their supporters (to use such issues). They must win or lose in an honorable manner," he stressed.

Besides advising to avoid SARA issues, the minister also exhorted all candidates to stay away from the lure of money politics.

"We have given Bawaslu (the election supervision agency) an authority to act firmly against candidates who resort to money powered politics. Such candidates will face sanctions while their campaign teams would face the due judicial process," he warned. (bus/ant)