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Cement Consumption is Predicted to Soar
Kamis, 12 Januari 2017 | 00:26 WIB
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Skalanews - The existence of infrastructure development, which is being aggressively implemented by the government, making the cement consumption in the country is predicted to increase to 84.96 million tons in 2017.

"80 percent of cement consumption is by the community," said Director General of Chemical Industry, Textile and Miscellaneous (IKTA) Ministry of Industry, Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono, through a press statement received here on Monday (9/1).

According to him, in addition to government projects, rampant construction of housing and property, is also a factor increasing demand for cement.

Sigit deliver it, at the Indonesian Cement Award on Innovation 2015-2016 in Gresik, East Java, on Monday.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Semen Indonesia Rizkan Chandra said, the strength of the Indonesian Cement Holding Group today is in terms of production capacity.

"Amid a tough economy and increasingly fierce competition, Semen Indonesia is still able to create new records in production," he said.

2016, Rizkan mention, Tuban plant capable of producing as much as 1,381,907 tons, an increase of two percent exceeded the total production in 2015 amounted to 1,355,795 tonnes.

"We hope that in the coming years, the factories can participate incised achievement SMIG production," he said.

According Rizkan, the production increase is supported by the integrated plant. So as to create opportunities more affordable distribution costs, and guarantee the availability of products on the market.

"In addition, also supported an integrated comprehensive distribution with 11 ports, 25 packing plants, and hundreds of distributors in Southeast Asia," he said.

On the occasion, Rizkan invite all employees of the Indonesian Cement Group, in order to change the way marketing and sales in the face of increasingly fierce competition conditions at this time.

"Now we must change the way customer oriented company. We should be oriented companies serve. Not personally," he said. (Ant/ Frida Astuti)‎

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