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Wow, Will There's Plenty Festival in Raja Ampat!
Senin, 23 Januari 2017 | 01:23 WIB

Skalanews - For those of you who are planning a holiday in the near future, you should also start considering Raja Ampat, Papua, as one option. Because, there in the near future, there will be a lot of festivals that you can enjoy.

Raja Ampat regency government plans, will be holding various festivals to promote the tourism of this area, in order to increase tourist visits.

Head of Tourism Raja Ampat Yusdi Lamatenggo in Sorong, Saturday (21/1), said that the festival is a means of promotion. So more and more festivals are held, the more tourists to visit Raja Ampat.‎

"We are planning various festivals this year, the maritime festival, festival drums flute, Misol charm festival, festival Salawati Batanta charm, charm Waigeo festival, the festival of eating fish, white and red festival," he said.

In addition, the festival will be held also spiritual, blue sea festivals, fairs Raja Ampat, Raja Ampat child likes to read, and culinary festival Raja Ampat.

According to him, the festival is also to preserve the art and culture of Raja Ampat.

Not only festival, Raja Ampat Regency Government also improve transportation services, to increase tourist visits in this area.

This year, the Department of Transportation programmed regular shuttles or public transportation connecting islands, the islands-particularly tourist destinations here.

"The regular transport, will help lower rates of tourism in Raja Ampat, given the local and foreign tourists can use regular transport it without having to hire a speedboat with a high price," said Yusdi. (ant/Frida Astuti)‎