Senin, 22 April 2019 | 21:16 WIB
Attorney General Office Signed MoU with BPOM
Rabu, 15 Maret 2017 | 13:49 WIB

Skalanews - Attorney General's Office (AGO) signed Understanding (MoU) with the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) food and drug related crime.

The signing was done directly by the Attorney General HM Prasetyo and Head POM Penny K Lukito in  Sasana Pradana Room at AGO, South Jakarta, Tuesday (14/3).

"The cooperation is carried out with the aim to improve the achievement of synergy in order to optimize the results of the tasks and functions, prevention, enforcement and surveillance which done POM will be fully supported by the Board of the Prosecutor at the central level to stricken areas," Prasetyo said in his speech.

Of the MoU, continued Prasetyo, at least four strategic points that need to be followed up, such as about an increase in the effectiveness of law enforcement of a crime involving drugs and food.

"The form of prevention and repression, including through the increased intensity of coordination in handling starting from the stage of investigation, prosecution until the end of the execution phase of the case. Also exchanging data and information related to the cases that are being and will be dealt together," Prasetyo detailed.

Called Prasetyo, crime in the field of drugs and food is a crime against the public order which has a big impact in disturbing the public.

"By co-coordinating intense between Investigators of BPOM and the Prosecution made early that would be more convincing can quickly identify, locate, ascertain and determine whether the action is happening and is being dealt with a violation of Health Act, Food Act, Act of  narcotics or whether other legislation, "said Prasetyo.

Rapid coordination, added Prasetyo  hope would not happen again and behind the case file to the prosecutor of investigator BPOM.(Frida Astuti/dbs)