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Habib Rizieq Asks Police to Seize Chatting Spreaders
Kamis, 18 Mei 2017 | 19:03 WIB
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Skalanews - High Priest of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Habib Rizieq Shihab has called on the Police to act fairly on arresting the perpetrators of fake chatter and spreading.

Chat with WhatssApp application that contains an immoral conversation between Habib Rizieq with Firza Husein uploaded by baladacintarizieq.comsite.

This was conveyed by FPI Legal Entity Chairman Sugito Atmo Pawiro through his written statement on Wednesday (17/5).

According to Sugito, the police did not investigate the website maker, but only processed conversations Habib Rizieq and Firza.

This, he added, was one of the reasons Habib Rizieq did not want to return to Indonesia to undergo the examination. Even so, he denied Habib Rizieq escaped from police investigation.

"Currently Habib Rizieq asks for justice," said Sugito. "We will solve the slanderous perpetrators via WhatsApp, after which he will take legal action as a good citizen.

Furthermore, Sugito revealed, not the first time the issue of sex scandal is used to bring down influential figures in Indonesia. This time, Habib Rizieq was the target.

Sugito also questioned the police's performance of not looking for WhatsApp message spreader and instead just focus on pursuing Habib Rizieq.

"An irony strange law enforcement, while Habib Rizieq is a slander victim who is entitled to prosecute the dispersion if the police find the actor," Sugito said.

Sugito added, Habib Rizieq also several times got the terror. However, the police were not considered to be serious in handling threats against Habib Rizieq. (Bisma Rizal/Frida Astuti)