Rabu, 22 Mei 2019 | 14:34 WIB
108 Police Personnel and 6 Ships Guard the Border
Sabtu, 17 Juni 2017 | 00:03 WIB

Skalanews - Police deployed 108 personnel and also 6 ships to guard the border of North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi) and the Philippines. This followed a battle between the Philippine military and the pro-ISIS Maute group.

"Polri itself there are 108 personnel with 6 ships owned, which from Jakarta also has moved to the region of North Sulawesi," said Head of Public Information Division of Police Public Relations Division Kombes Martinus Sitompul at Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Thursday (15/6).

Police itself will keep monitoring the progress of the battle in Marawi. While the Governor of North Sulawesi Olly Dondokambey has set its territory standby one because the distance is close to the Philippines.

"There is not yet a deployment of troops to North Sulawesi, but it will be done, we will see the situation, only now has massive guarding by the Police and also by the local people," he concluded.(Frida Astuti/dbs)