Sabtu, 16 November 2019 | 06:41 WIB
KPK Seized Rp1 Billion from OTT Governor of Bengkulu
Kamis, 22 Juni 2017 | 16:02 WIB
Ridwan Mukti - [Deni Hardimansyah/Skalanews]

Skalanews - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) seized Rp1 billion from a hand-held operation in Bengkulu yesterday. The money is planned to be given to the Governor of Bengkulu Ridwan Mukti.

According to Vice Chairman of KPK, Saut Sitomurang that the money is part of total commitment of bribe fee worth Rp4, 7 billion for Ridwan from Director of PT Statika Mitra Sarana (PT SMS) Jhoni Wijaya.

"The money is part of the fee of Rp4, 7 billion," said Saut in a press conference at the KPK building, Kuningan, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/6).

Giving it related to road construction projects in Bengkulu. PT SMS is the winner of two projects, namely upgrading of TES-Muara Aman road and road improvement project of Curug Air Dingin Rejang Lebong Regency.

The bribe was given Jhoni to Ridwan through a businessman named Rico Dian Sari, on Tuesday (20/6). Rico then deliver money to Ridwan's house. That's where KPK investigators secure the money stored in cardboard size A-4.

"In the house, the team met the wife of governor LMM (Lily Martiani Maddari) who secured Rp 1 billion," Saut said.

The money, continued Saut, in the form of Rp 100,000 denomination. Money has been stored in the safe house.

In this case, the Commission determined four suspects, namely Ridwan and his wife Lily Martiani Maddari, as well as Jhoni Wijaya and Rico Dian Sari. The four were detained in different prison.(Bisma Rizal/Frida Astuti/dbs)