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Police Will Form Anti-Corruption Densus
Jumat, 21 Juli 2017 | 04:09 WIB

Skalanews - Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri) discourses the formation of Detachment of Corruption Crime (Densus) in order to handle a number of corruption cases can be faster.

"The Chief of Police has launched a Special Detachment of Corruption Crimes," said Police Inspector General Kadivhumas Setyo Wasisto at Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday (19/7).

He also revealed with the Anti-Corruption Densus, it is expected that the process of handling corruption cases can be faster because it is handled together with the Attorney General.

This is different according to the handling of corruption cases in the Directorate of Corruption (Dittipidkor) Bareskrim Police which takes time to be transferred to the prosecutor's office.

"If Tipidkor is dealing with the prosecutor's office normally, we propose stage one, stage two, if P21 is accepted, if P19 is rejected back and forth, well if there is a Densus later it might be faster when we handle cases, because the prosecutor has started to supervise as well, So that later will be shorter handling and faster forward to court," he said.

He added if the Anti-Corruption Densus has been formed, then the Directorate of Corruption will be eliminated from the Police Bareskrim structure.

Later this Anti-Corruption Densus will be based in Polda Metro Jaya. The organizational structure of the Anti-Corruption Densus consists of investigators and prosecutors.

While it is related to the view that the Densus will compete with the KPK institution, he ensures it will not happen.

"Not to compete with the KPK, but we want to synergize with the KPK In the sense that it still involves the Commission as a barometer, what is processed by the Police, will be submitted to KPK. Corruption is a tremendous crime, therefore anticipating it must be in an unusual way," He explained.

It also emphasized that there will be no seizure of cases handled between Anti-Corruption Densus and KPK.

"There is no limitation so that cases that are not handled KPK, we handle," he said.(Frida Astuti/Antara/dbs)