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Visitors Start Attending Dieng Culture Festival 2017
Minggu, 6 Agustus 2017 | 03:17 WIB
Dieng Culture Festival - [Agung S W/Skalanews]

Skalanews - Visitors of Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) 2017 gradually began to pack the cultural center of the annual event, at Arjuna Temple, Banjarnegara.

Visitors gradually come to the area around the Dieng Plateau, using the services of a rental car, travel agency, public transport, and private vehicles.

DCF 2017 opened on Friday (5/8), lasting three days until 6 August 2017.

Some visitors go directly to Arjuna Temple, to exchange entrance to the main area of ??DCF activities 2017. While others to the nearest inn, which has been booked previously.

DCF 2017 participant Inneke Rachma Septiani (22 years) said, she and six other friends came to a cultural festival held in one of the National Tourism Strategy Area (KSPN).

Inneke with her friends came from Jakarta to book DCF tickets 2017 far earlier, which is about three months before the festival in the region famous for the cold weather.

About the inn, she and her friend have also booked for about four months before the DCF 2017 implemented.

Similarly, the 22-year-old Yanis Putri must also prepare for the needs of the DCF from afar, before the grand cultural event takes place.

One thing that is not less important to be prepared, he said, is about transportation from Jakarta to Dieng.

He booked train tickets from Jakarta three months before the execution.

Train tickets that she ordered, namely Progo majen Pasar Senen (Jakarta) -Purwokerto. Furthermore, she uses a car rental service from Purwokerto to lodging near Arjuna Temple which became the center of DCF 2017 activities.(Ant/Frida Astuti/dbs)