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Ijen Crater Tour Immediately Equipped by Cable Car
Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017 | 01:24 WIB
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Skalanews - Good news for those who intend to travel to the region of Mount Ijen. In the near future, the government will conduct additional tourist facilities in the area of ??Mount Ijen, Banyuwangi, East Java, some kind of cable car started immediately.

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution and LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya, held a coordination meeting with the related ranks, and Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas, Thursday night (10/8), discussed it.

Darmin said the central government continues to support regional economic development.

"The synergy between the center and the regions is very important, to ensure the economy grows better," he said in a press statement from Banyuwangi regency.

The synergy, also included in tourism development.

"Tourism is an important need, the market never goes down," he said.

Earlier in July, Darmin also received a Singapore business delegation led by Singapore Trade and Industry Minister Lim Hng Kiang, where one of Singapore's SUTL Enterprise companies signed the MoU to become a marine development consultant at Boom Banyuwangi Beach.

Meanwhile, Minister of LHK Siti Nurbaya confirmed, that there is no problem with licensing the cable car.

"The ministerial regulation has now been made to facilitate regional cooperation," she said.

She also ensured, participate in controlling the plan.

Some facilities in the area of ??Mount Ijen is now very busy visited by tourists will also be addressed, such as telecommunication towers, and toilets.

Meanwhile, Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas is grateful for the central government's support for regional development innovation.

"As the development of the cable car, based on the study and analysis of the market, including from the Ministry of Tourism, can be a new vacuum machine for foreign tourists, especially since Banyuwangi is close to Bali and we have connected direct flights from Jakarta to support the target of President Jokowi bring 20 Million foreign tourists in 2019," said Anas.(ant/Frida Astuti/dbs)