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Bribery Case of Batubara Regent
Senin, 18 September 2017 | 05:18 WIB

Skalanews - KPK Deputy Chairman Alexander Marwata said the Batubara Regent OK Arya Zulkarnaen allegedly took bribes of Rp4, 4 billion related to the construction of infrastructure development in Batubara Regency in 2017.

The money was given from two contractors named Maringan Situmorang and Syaiful Azhar.

Alex said that number is a combination of fees in three coal district projects. Among them, the construction of Sentang Bridge worth Rp32 billion won by PT GMU and the construction of Sei Magung Bridge worth Rp12 billion won by PT T.

While the remaining Rp400 million is the fee earned by OK Arya from Syaiful related to the project of betonisasi of Talawi sub-district worth Rp3.2 billion.

"Fee of a project worth a total of Rp4.4 billion allegedly received by the Regent of Batubara through intermediaries related to some infrastructure development work in Batubara Regency in fiscal year 2017," Alex said in a press conference at KPK building, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (14/9).

However, Arya does not keep the money itself. He entrusted to Sujendi Tarsono alias Ayen, an owner of a car dealer. At any time if needed, OK Arya just ask Sujendi.

In hand-catching operations, continued Alex, KPK secured a total of Rp346 million. The money is allegedly related to fees from the Sentang Bridge project and the Sei Magung Bridge.

The details, as many as Rp250 million of which confiscated the KPK from KHA, a private employee. KHA is in charge of taking the Rp250 million from Sujendi. The money was given by Sujendi to KHA on the orders of Batubara Regent.

While Rp96 million, seized KPK from MNR, which is the driver of the wife of the Regent. Rp96 million is the remaining funds from the Regent's request of Rp100 million, transferred by Sujendi to AGS, a staff of Batubara District Government.

KPK Deputy Chairman Basaria Pandjaitan said the KPK seized a BRI bankbook  with a balance of Rp1, 6 billion, which is in the mastery of Sujendi. The money was allegedly part of a Rp4.4 billion bribe fee for the Regent.

According to Basaria, Regent OK Arya will appoint someone to take money to Sujendi when needed.

"So all of these funds are Rp 4.4 billion is deposited to STR. If at any time Regent OKA need, he will call (STR) and then given," said Basaria.(Bisma Rizal/Frida Astuti/dbs)