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Politicians Golkar and Judge PT Manado Arrested
Minggu, 8 Oktober 2017 | 20:35 WIB

Skalanews - Vice Chairman of KPK Basaria Panjaitan does not argue if the party secured by the investigator is the Chairman of Manado High Court, Sudiwardono.

In addition, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) also arrested a Golkar politician who allegedly became the bribe. Based on the information obtained, the name of the politician is Aditya Anugerah Moha.

"True, there is a KPK team who came to the field, almost Friday midnight KPK conducted Hand Catch Operation (OTT) in Jakarta related to the legal case in North Sulawesi. There are law enforcers and politicians who secured," he said when contacted by reporters, Jakarta, Saturday (7/10).

Based on information obtained, allegedly the giving money is used to free Aditya's mother who is a defendant related corruption case that was rolling in the High Court of Manado.

When conducting the arrested operation, KPK secured the money with a total of 101 thousand Singapore dollars or equivalent Rp1 billion.

The money seized by KPK amounts to 101 thousand Singapore dollars which is divided into three parts. The first part, amounting to 60 thousand Singapore dollars, the second 30 thousand Singapore dollars, last amounted to 11 thousand Singapore dollars in the car.(Bisma Rizal/Frida Astuti/dbs)