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Chinese Travelers Ranked First Visiting Bali
Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017 | 00:54 WIB
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Skalanews - In the period of January-August 2017, Chinese tourists ranked first in the list of most tourists visiting Bali.

According to the Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Bali Province, Adi Nugroho, in Denpasar, Bali, on Monday (9/10), that in the first seven months of 2017 total Chinese tourists coming to Bali reached 1.04 million people.

Most of the Chinese tourists come through Ngurah Rai Airport, by boarding a plane that flies directly from the country. And only 153 people, who came through the sea port on cruise ships.

The arrival of the people of Bamboo Curtain country jumped 388,186 people or 58.69 percent, compared to the same period the previous year.

Adi Nugroho explained, the visit of Chinese tourists was able to contribute 26.21 percent of total tourists to Bali as many as 4.00 million people during the period January-August 2017.

The visit increased 811,243 people or 25.40 percent, compared to the same period the previous year recorded 3.193 million people.

Adi Nugroho added that China ranked the top, followed by an Australian community visit which contributed 18.57 percent and India ranked third (4.38 percent).

Japan contributed 4.33 percent, Britain 4.15 percent, the United States 3.37 percent, South Korea 3.13 percent, France 3.10 percent, Germany 2.91 percent and Malaysia 2.88 percent.

Of the ten largest contributors to Bali, all of them have increased significantly.

In addition to the improved relationship between Indonesia and China, the increase of tourists from Bamboo Curtain country is also supported by direct flights by Garuda Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Chinese Consul General in Bali Hu Yinquan on a separate occasion said it promotes Bali tourism to its citizens because of the similarity between art and culture between Bali and its country.

In relation to Gunung Agung (3,142 meters) in Karangasem Regency, which is now the status of Awas (level IV), Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika has invited and met with 33 consul general of friendly countries on Wednesday (4/10).

Governor Mangku Pastika expects tourists not to worry about visiting the Island of Gods, although currently Mount Agung in Karangasem regency status. (ant/Frida Astuti)