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Police Unloading Shabu Packaging in Chinese Tea
Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017 | 03:26 WIB
illustration - [acehimage]

Skalanews - Officers of the Jakarta Police Department's Drug Officer Directorate unloading 20.4 kilograms of shabu-shabu from China's tea packed "Guanyinwang" brand.

"In total there are five suspects who secured," said Director of Police Metro Police Drug Detective Senior Commissioner Suwondo Nainggolan in Jakarta Sunday (8/10).

Commissioner Suwondo said initially the officers arrested the RZ suspect with shabu evidence weighing 3.3 kilograms and developing against four other suspects.

RZ confessed to the officers have saved shabu as much as 7.7 kilograms in his house Jalan Alur Kota Jakarta Utara.

Suwondo said the RZ had moved the illicit goods to several locations for distribution.

Even members of Polda Metro Jaya pursue the evidence and other suspects to the area of ??Pangandaran, West Java.

Suwondo said the RZ suspect also runs a drug store selling business in the Koja area of ??North Jakarta.

In addition to confiscating meth and drug, officers also secured 10 units of mobile phone, one BRI auto teller card (ATM), two backpacks (bags), one electric scales, five empty plastic clip packs and a unit of car.

The suspects snared Article 114 paragraph 2 Juncto Article 132 paragraph 1 subsider Article 112 paragraph 2 Juncto Article 132 paragraph 1 Law RI Number 35 Year 2009 on narcotics with the maximum threat of capital punishment. (ant/Frida Astuti)