Rabu, 23 Oktober 2019 | 01:48 WIB
State Losses SKL BLBI Case on BDNI Rp4.58 Trillion
Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017 | 22:10 WIB

Skalanews - Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) spokesman Febri Diansyah stated that based on investigative audit of the State Audit Board (BPK) RI, the state financial loss of corruption indication case related to the issuance of Paid Off Certificate (SKL) against Bank Dagang Negara Indonesia (BDNI) amounting to Rp4.58 trillion.

"We are grateful to BPK for assisting with the investigative audit, so our audit has been received and the indication of final financial loss from the audit result is around Rp4.58 trillion," Febri said at KPK building, Jakarta, Monday (9/10).

Febri said KPK has received the results of investigative audit dated 25 August 2017 by BPK related to the calculation of state losses in corruption cases granting SKL to BDNI controlling shareholders in 2004 in relation to the fulfillment of obligation of asset submission by BLBI obligor to Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (BPPN) .

"From the report, the state financial loss value amounted to Rp4.58 trillion of the total obligation of asset submission by BLBI obligor to IBRA amounting to Rp4.8 trillion," he said.

According to Febri, BPK investigative audit results concluded that there are indications of irregularities in the granting of SKL on BDNI, namely SKL remains granted despite not completing the overall obligation.

"The Rp4.8 trillion value consists of Rp1.1 trillion, which is considered 'suistanable' and billed to fish farmers, while Rp3.7 trillion is not discussed in the process of restructuring which becomes obligatory obligations that have not been billed," said Febri.

According to him, previously based on the calculation of only Rp220 billion BPK which then really does not become part of the indication of financial losses of the country.

"So from the total Rp4.8 trillion, the indication of the country's financial loss is Rp4.58 trillion. So, this is an important step I think in handling the case of BLBI corruption indication, the state financial loss audit has been completed and the process of examination of witnesses we will do more intensively in the future," he said.

In that case, the KPK has established former Head of IBRA Syafruddin Arsyad Temenggung as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption in giving SKL to Sjamsul Nursalim.

SKL is issued based on Presidential Instruction No. 8/2002 on the grant of legal certainty to debtors who have settled their obligations or legal actions to debtors who have not settled their obligations under the Settlement of Shareholder Obligations (PKPS).

The Presidential Instruction was issued during the presidency of President Megawati Soekarnoputri who also received input from Finance Minister Boediono, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Dorodjatun Kuntjara-djakti and Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Laksamana Sukardi.

Based on the Inpres, the BLBI debtor is considered to have settled the debt, although it has only paid 30 percent of the total shareholder liabilities in cash and 70 percent is paid with a certificate of proof of rights to IBRA.

Syafruddin allegedly proposed the granting of the License of Shareholders or SKL to Sjamsul Nursalim as the shareholder or controller of Bank Dagang Negara Indonesia (BDNI) in 2004.

Syafruddin proposed the SKL to be approved by the Financial Sector Policy Committee (KKSK) by making changes to the lending obligation litigation process to restructure the asset transfer obligation by BDNI to IBRA to Rp4.8 trillion which is part of the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance loan (BLBI).

So the result of restructuring is Rp1, 1 trillion can be returned and billed to pond farmers while Rp3, 7 trillion is not discussed in the process of restructuring. This means that there is a BDNI liability of Rp3.7 trillion which has not been billed and becomes a state loss. (antara/Frida Astuti)