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Case of Siti Aisyah, Attorney General Send Two Senior
Minggu, 15 Oktober 2017 | 13:40 WIB
HM. Prasetyo - [frida astuti/skalanews]

Skalanews - Attorney General H.M Prasetyo admits he has sent two senior prosecutors to advocate Siti Aisyah who is now the defendant for Kim Jong-nam's half-brother Kim Jong Un's the leader of South Korea.

"For Siti Aisyah we sent two senior prosecutors when asked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to accompany the advocates to advise," said Prasetyo at the AGO building, South Jakarta, Friday (13/10).

Prasetyo himself remains convinced that Aisyah is a victim and tricked into doing a VX poisoning action on Kim Jong Nam's face when North Korea's grandson was waiting for the plane at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in February 2017.

"I see Siti Aisyah is actually more to the victim, and empowered it.To do it there is a deliberate, there is intention. She even didn't know with the dead and previously there is a reality show involving and hiring Siti Aisyah. The last she didn't know. I think if it turns out some poison, the poison was not easily obtained from where she got it," said Prasetyo.

In every trial in Malaysia, Prasetyo said the senior prosecutor always accompanies to strengthen Siti's defense.

"To provide input, including we also see how the background of Siti Aisyah here, she works there it is looking to survive, earn income," he concluded. (Frida Astuti/bus)