Sabtu, 16 November 2019 | 09:15 WIB
Became a Suspect, Former President Director of Allianz Fled Abroad
Selasa, 31 Oktober 2017 | 03:50 WIB
Allianz - [ist]

Skalanews - Director of Special Criminal Investigation Directorate (Ditreskrimsus) Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Adi Deriyan Jayamarta said that former President Director of PT Allianz Life Indonesia Joachim Wessling is no longer in the country.

Joachim is known to be a suspect in the case of consumer protection by Polda Metro Jaya along with a suspect Claim Manager Yuliana Firmansyah.

"Information from the Immigration investigator, he (Joachim) is not in Indonesia, but still in the Asian region," said Adi at Metro Jaya Police, Jakarta, Monday (30/10).

As known Joachim himself was twice absent from the call of investigators to be examined. The first call was on October 12th and the second on October 26th.

Therefore, Adi said that his office will ask for help from the Division of International Relations of Police Headquarters (Divhubinter), especially Interpol to search for Joachim.

"We do the steps according to the Criminal Procedure Code, we will then follow up using appropriate mechanisms of the rules, including through Interpol and others," he concluded. (Frida Astuti/bus)