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Golkar Does Not Feel Involved in Corruption of e-ID Card
Kamis, 16 November 2017 | 09:45 WIB

Skalanews - Golkar Party ranks do not feel if his party allegedly involved in the case of corruption e-ID card project.

It was as revealed by the Deputy General Treasurer Golkar Party, Zulhendri Hasan when met reporters at the KPK Building, Kuningan Persada, South Jakarta, Tuesday (14/11).

Zulhendri said, if the issue of e-ID card is a personal matter Setya Novanto.

"You have to distinguish which is the matter of Mr. Novanto personally, which is the matter of the party. Mr. Novanto as chairman is the personal matter of Mr. Novanto in the case of e-ID card," he said.

Whereas in the indictment file for the former Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) Irman and Sugiharto mentioned, if the Golkar Party received a fee of Rp 150 billion. This was reinforced by the Jakarta High Court's decision.

When it was confirmed, Zulhendri replied not knowing. "Do not know," he replied.

However, Zulhendri still feel if the problem of e-ID card corruption is a matter of Novanto himself.

"The Golkar Party supports corruption enforcement efforts that will not hinder it, but we uphold the legal process," he explained.

Actually, not only Golkar Party is called get a fee corruption of e-ID card. There are other parties such as, the Democratic Party received Rp 150 billion, PDI Perjuangan Rp 80 billion and other parties amounting to Rp 80 billion.

As known, when the e-ID card budget is about to be discussed by Setya Novanto, former Chairman of the Democratic Party faction, Anas Urbaningrum and former General Treasurer of the Democratic Party, Muhammad Nazaruddin gathered discussed the percentage of fees and expenses of the project.

From the project amount worth Rp5, 9 trillion is Novanto, Anas and Nazaruddin agreed if the figure for the fee is 49 percent while physical shopping e-ID card 51 percent. (Bisma Rizal /Frida Astuti)