Rabu, 24 Oktober 2018 | 00:10 WIB
KPK Sets Four Suspects of Jambi RAPBD Bribe
Kamis, 30 November 2017 | 12:34 WIB

Skalanews - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has set four suspects for alleged bribery approval of RAPBD of Jambi Province Government in 2018.

The appointment was a process of KPK's hand-catch operation conducted in Jakarta and Jambi on Tuesday (28/11) yesterday.

The four are members of DPRD Jambi Supriono (SUP), Plt of Jambi Regional Secretary Erwan Malik (EM), Plt Head of PUPR Office Jambi, Arfan (ARF) and Assistant III of the Provincial Government of Jambi Saifudin (SAI).

"For SUP allegedly as the recipient of bribery," said Vice Chairman of KPK Basaria Panjaitan during a press conference at his office, Kuningan Persada, South Jakarta, Wednesday (29/11).

As for Erwan, Arfan, Saifudin allegedly as the party who gave a bribe.

For Supriono allegedly violates Article 5 paragraph 1 letter a or letter b or Article 13 of the Law on Corruption junto Article 55 paragraph 1 of KUHPidana.

"Meanwhile, EM, ARF and SAI are allegedly violating Article 12 letter a or letter b or Article 11 of the Corruption Law of Corruption jonto Article 55 paragraph 1 of KUHPidana," he said. (Bisma Rizal/Frida Astuti)

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