Sabtu, 16 November 2019 | 06:42 WIB
President Targeted Papua Flowed by Electricity in 2018
Jumat, 22 Desember 2017 | 09:48 WIB
Joko Widodo -

Skalanews - President Joko Widodo targets all villages in the territory of Papua Island to be brightly lit by electricity in 2018.

"I have ordered to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), will also be assisted by PLN, next year in Papua all villages should be bright," said President when inaugurating the Gas Power Plant (PLTMG) 20MW and PLTMG 50 MW Jayapura in Kelurahan Kaliboho, Nabire, Wednesday (20/12).

Jokowi revealed that the village that has not reached electricity until now reaches 3,000 and the most, ie 2,000 villages in the land of Papua.

Jokowi admitted that building electricity infrastructure in Papua is not easy, because the terrain is heavy.

"It is not easy to work on the name of electricity in the land of Papua, the field is very heavy, we can saw, mountainous, then its hard to bring the electric poles until it get into the river in the meantime, the field is very heavy," explained Jokowi.

The President also claimed to have been reported if building infrastructure in Papua is expensive, but must be done for social justice for the entire people of Indonesia.

The President also said for the people of Papua all must be done, such as BBM one price, cement price decline, also the problem of roads, health services, education should also be done.

After the inauguration ceremony, the President reiterated that the ESDM Minister has undertaken the achievement of the entire village target in Papua with electricity.

The land of Papua of approximately 2,000 villages will be powered by electricity, both electricity and electricity `solar cell` (solar energy)," said Jokowi.

The President said that the electrical collaboration, both electricity and electricity of solar cell (solar power) this to overcome electrical problems in the land of Papua. (antara/Frida Astuti)