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33 Areas in North Sumatra Have Laku Pandai Agents
Jumat, 29 Desember 2017 | 06:17 WIB

Skalanews - A total of 33 districts/cities in North Sumatra already have Laku Pandai agents so hopefully the people in the province will be more literate with the financial sector.

"The whole district/city has Laku Pandai agent," said Head of Financial Services Authority (OJK) Regional Office 5 Sumatera Utara (Sumbagut), Lukdir Gultom in Medan, Tuesday (26/12).

Of the 6,101 subdistrict/villages in 33 cities/subdistrict of North Sumatra, as many as 2,417 already have Laku Pandai agents.

The remaining 3,684 villages/subdistrict do not yet have and it is targeted that OJK may soon also have an agent of Laku Pandai.

According to him, although not all subdistrict/villages in North Sumatra have the agent of Laku Pandai, but the condition is quite encouraging.

The more exciting because the eight areas of which have had agents Laku Pandai up to 75 percent in the villages/subdistrict.

The eight districts/municipalities are Medan, Binjai, Sibolga, Tebingtinggi, Tanjungbalai, Siantar, Padangsidempuan and Asahan.

Subdistrict in Medan City (151 subdistrict) Sibolga (17) and Binjai (37) even, he said, already have a total agent of Laku Pandai.

While Tebingtinggi from 35 urban villages, 34 of them already have the agent of Laku Pandai.

Tanjungbalai from 31, a number of 30 subdistrict already have Laku Pandai agent. Pematangsiantar of 53, as many as 48 subdistrict already have Laku Pandai agent.

Padangsidempuan from 79 urban villages, 66 sub-districts have Laku Pandai agent. Asahan District of 204, as many as 179 villages of whom already have Laku Pandai agent.

"OJK hopes that inclusive action in North Sumatra can get better time to time especially in succeeding the program 'One Village One Agent," said Lukdir. (antara/Frida Astuti)