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SKKNI for the Retail Industry will Immediately Set
Minggu, 7 Januari 2018 | 13:28 WIB
M. Hanif Dhakiri - [biro humas kemnaker]

Skalanews - Application of competency standards for retail industry is expected to be realized soon. This is required for all retail employees to be well certified and support the progress of the retail industry in Indonesia.

This was revealed in the hearing of DPP of Indonesian Retail Entrepreneur Association (Aprindo) with Minister of Manpower M. Hanif Dhakiri at his office on Thursday (4/1).

Chairman of HR DPP Aprindo, Dasep Suryanto said the hearing is aimed at requesting government support in setting the Indonesian National Work Competence Standards (SKKNI) for the retail industry in Indonesia.

"So our goal today to meet the Minister of Manpower to report that we have compiled our SKKNI and also we ask for his support in order to be made the Government regulations," said Dasep Suryanto.

It is said Dasep, Aprindo party that shaded about 300 retail companies in Indonesia a year ago began to make a draft of SKKNI retail industry.

"We have made this SKKNI a year ago and about the 20th of last month we have submitted to the Ministry of Manpower through the Ministry of Trade as the technical department that overshadow the retail industry," he explained.

It is expected that in the near future the Government Regulation on SKKNI can be immediately released from the Minister of Manpower so that it can immediately follow up the making of the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI).

Responding to the statement, Minister of Manpower M. Hanif Dhakiri said the government is committed to setting and implementing SKKNI in various fields

"The implementation of SKKNI in all sectors is needed to improve the competence and competitiveness of Indonesian workers in order to compete and we can speed up the discussion so that it can be established and implemented immediately," said Minister Hanif.

Minister added that the retail industry should have one national standard that really becomes a reference and become the standard for all retail employees in Indonesia.

All retail employees are expected to have competency certification. Thus they will not only be able to work in Indonesia but when abroad can run the job and can get a good career because it has the certification, "said Hanif.

On this occasion Minister 5Hanif asserted that retail entrepreneurs must transform to adjust the era of the digital economy if they do not want their business getting crushed.

"Retail companies must prepare a transformation scheme to avoid the shock industry, it could lead to business shock, the company will not compete and then close the booth," said Menaker. (dedi bayu/Frida Astuti)