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Jokowi Considered Will Not Reshuffle Airlangga
Senin, 8 Januari 2018 | 13:51 WIB

Skalanews - Political observers from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Arya Fernandes rate will be very risky if President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) doing reshuffle cabinet in the near future.

Known issues reshuffle blow following one of the ministers there are concurrent positions. That is Airlangga Hartarto who is known as Minister of Industry is now also served as Chairman of Golkar Party.

"If there is a reshuffle, this will be a political risk in Golkar itself and for Jokowi. This political risk will be great," Arya said in a discussion themed 'Did Airlangga Need to Resign? " in Cikini, Central Jakarta, Saturday (6/1).

But according to Arya, Jokowi will not really do reshuffle this year. This is to eliminate noise during the local elections simultaneously.

So the rest of the time, jokowi very avoid political noise. If there is a change, of course in Golkar will also fluctuate, who will be prepared, I think AH (Airlangga Hartarto) will still be a chairman, and Jokowi will also be like that," he explained.

Concerning the dual position of Airlangga himself, according to Arya, Jokowi will not be too problematic.

"Jokowi said that there should not be double positions only in campaigns, but now a lot of chairman fill political positions," he concluded.(Frida Astuti/dbs)