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Slander Against Akbar Faizal, Publik-News Editor Arrested
Kamis, 11 Januari 2018 | 12:37 WIB
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Skalanews - Directorate of Criminal Investigation Crime Police arrested the perpetrators of defamation and slander against members of the House of Representatives Commission III Akbar Faizal.

Head Unit II Subdit II Directorate of Criminal Acts Criminal Investigation Police AKBP Irwansyah said the arrested perpetrator named Hurri Rauf (HR).

"HR is the administrator and editor-in-chief of the Public-News news portal," said Irwansyah at the National Police Criminal Investigation Center, Cideng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (10/1)

Before arresting HR, it was confirmed that Irwansyah had first coordinated with the Press Council. And, known portal Public-News is not listed as a national media.

"What he says is not a journalistic product. After we coordinate to the experts, then meet the element, we just do the forced arrest attempt," he continued.

The perpetrator in making the news often incorporates a number of news and is made into one. Not only that, the perpetrator also took the writing of a number of Twitter accounts that have not been clear.

"If according to the examination, because the news is being viral, hope the news portal will be viral with the number of visitors who will read," he details.

The perpetrator makes the portal based on its own initiative. It is still deepens whether there is funding HR.

"The perpetrator was charged Article 27 paragraph 3 of the Law on ITE and Article 310 and Article 311 on defamation. The threat of punishment is four years," he concluded.

HR was arrested on Tuesday (9/1) yesterday, at around 22:00 pm, in Meruya, West Jakarta. HR is known is the administrator and editor in chief www.publik-news.com. (Frida Astuti/bus)