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Finance Minister Will Help Illegal Asset Handling of Ship
Jumat, 12 Januari 2018 | 14:38 WIB
Illegal fishing/illustration -

Skalanews - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani will assist the handling of assets for foreign vessels of fish theft in Indonesian waters.

"We will see what is done in handling the abusive or illegal vessels, how in the regulation to handle the assets we will help fully," said Sri Mulyani met at the National Library, Jakarta, Thursday (11/1).

The former managing director of the World Bank said that the Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) of the Ministry of Finance and the State Asset Management Agency has not yet managed the assets of foreign vessels of fish theft.

Sri Mulyani admitted that she will still see how the strategy of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and instructions from the President so that the ships can be more utilized.

She emphasized an important aspect of how the strategy contributed to the improvement of economic activities directly related to the activities of the fisheries sector.

"And the most important is the economic activities of the community, fishermen, fishery industry can be improved," said the minister.

Earlier, Director General of State Assets of the Ministry of Finance, Isa Rachmatarwata, said the process of confiscation of state assets must go through a court decision.

"There is a court process, declared seized and there is a process of determination from the Attorney General, it will be up to DJKN, annihilated or auctioned off," said Isa. (ant/Frida Astuti)