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Government Establishes LTSA for Migrant Workers in East Lombok
Senin, 15 Januari 2018 | 12:02 WIB
Maruli A. Hasoloan - [biro humas kemnaker]

Skalanews - The government established One Stop Integrated Service (LTSA) in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Establishment of LTSA is aimed to provide certainty and easiness in employment service especially the service of placement of Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) abroad.

This LTSA serves the affairs of Indonesian Migrant Workers in an integrated manner from Ministry of Manpower, public health Office for the handling of permits related to ID Card, Directorat General of Immigration, Police, BNP3TKI, Local Government, SKPD and others.

Minister of Manpower M. Hanif Dhakiri who was represented by the Director General of Manpower Placement and Employment Opportunity (Binapenta & PKK) Maruli A. Hasoloan said LTSA is a form of government commitment to provide protection to migrant workers optimally.

"We want to ensure that the existence of LTSA will make the documentation work of migrant workers to be cheap, easy, and fast and prevent unprosedural, illegal and trafficking workers," said Director General Maruli A. Hasoloan during the inauguration of LTSA in East Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara on Thursday (11/1).

Director General Maruli said the establishment of LTSA is a mandate from Law 18 of 2017 on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (UU PPMI). This Law is a revision of Law Number 39 Year 2004 regarding the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers.

"The government embodies an integrated, transparent and accountable service system in governance of the placement and protection of Indonesian migrant workers and we want to improve the services of easy, cheap, safe, quality and fast in order to locate and protect Indonesian migrant workers," Maruli said.

Further explained by Maruli, in this protection all parties must be involved in efforts to improve the protection of Indonesian migrant workers with the application of rewards and punishment.

"For example, a TKI who gives false data will be subject to sanctions, as well as all parties involved, for example, should be 20 years old, at the age of only 17 years, then all related parties will be punished, including the TKI also," explained Maruli.

Meanwhile, Regent of East Lombok Moch. Ali Bin Dachlan explains the overseas workforce to be upgraded, but must be arranged for the sake of mutual benefit, which will ultimately benefit all parties.

"The establishment of LTSA is a good step, will be expected to benefit all parties, especially TKI," said Ali.

For information, the Ministry of Manpower has facilitated the establis?hment of 18 LTSAs. That is, in 2015, East Java Province, NTB Province and Gianyar Regency. In 2016: Riau Islands Province, Sanggau Regency, Southwest Sumba Regency, NTT Province and Kupang Regency.

In 2017, Sambas Regency, Pati Regency, Kendal Regency, Cilacap Regency, East Lombok Regency, West Lombok Regency, and Central Lombok Regency. (deddi bayu/Frida Astuti)