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Government Gets Freeport Dividend Rp1.4 Trillion in 2017
Selasa, 16 Januari 2018 | 11:07 WIB
PT Freeport Indonesia -

Skalanews - The government receives dividends from PT Freeport Indonesia amounting to Rp1.4 trillion in 2017, after the mining company has been absent from paying dividends for three years.

"Dividend Rp 1.4 trillion from Freeport," said Director General of Budget of Ministry of Finance Askolani in Jakarta, Monday (15/1).

Askolani said that PT Freeport Indonesia's dividend paying liabilities will be re-done, along with improving commodity prices in the global market.

According to him, the mining company is absent to deposit the obligation since 2014, because the price of commodities is experiencing a downturn.

Prior to that dark period, Askolani ensured the payment of dividends from PT Freeport Indonesia to the government reached a range of Rp1 trillion-Rp2 trillion.

"Usually it can be around Rp1 trillion or more, but two to three years, Freeport consolidated.We know there are business problems, then there is a need for re-investment so it does not give dividends," he said.

This dividend contributed to the increase in the realization of revenue of state-owned enterprises profit of Rp44.3 trillion or 108 percent of the target of Rp41 trillion.

Overall, improving commodity prices in international markets contributed to the rise of Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP), especially from the Natural Resources sector.

In addition to SOE earnings, natural resources revenues exceeded the target or reached Rp111, 1 trillion, or 116.2 percent of the target of Rp95, 6 trillion.

Other non-tax revenues also reached Rp108 trillion or 127.9 percent of the Rp85.1 trillion target, followed by BLU revenue of Rp49 trillion or 127 percent of the target of Rp38.5 trillion.

With this achievement, the realization of PBNP in 2017 reached Rp313, 1 trillion or 120.3 percent of the target in the APBNP of Rp260, 2 trillion.(ant/Frida Astuti)