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Joining Chinese Police in Ketapang Police become an Attention
Sabtu, 14 Juli 2018 | 13:54 WIB

Skalanews - National Police Chief Gen Tito removed Ketapang Police Chief AKBP Sunario from his post for alleged partisanship with China.

Known a number of outstanding photographs showed Ketapang Police ranks in West Kalimantan taking pictures with the police of Suzhou China.

 In the photo is a placard showing 'office with Ketapang Police and Suzhou police'.

"The Ketapang Police Chief is discharged from his current position and today the Police Chief (Ketapang) was moved as a Pamen in West Kalimantan Regional Police," Iqbal told reporters on Friday (13/7).

Another photo also shows Ketapang Police Chief taking pictures with officers from the Chinese police. Called Iqbal, Sunario did not work after the procedure in the internal Police. The reason, any cooperation with other countries is not the authority of Polres at the level of Police Headquarters.

"What is done by Police Chief is not appropriate with mechanism in Police, where cooperation with other countries or other state police, the authority is at the Police Headquarters," he concluded. (Frida Astuti/bus)