Cody Longo, 34, a star of "Days of Our Lives," was discovered dead at home in Texas

At age 34, actor Cody Longo passed away. He was best known for playing Nicholas "Nikki" Alamain in NBC's daytime soap series "Days of Our Lives."

"Cody was our whole world," said his wife Stephanie Longo in a statement

Before becoming a client, the actor was a "dear friend dating back many years," according to Alex Gittelson.

Cody was such a loyal, loving and talented person and he will be greatly missed," Mr Gittelson said

Actor Cody Longo, 34, died; his wife issued a statement. He appeared on "Days of Our Lives" and "Hollywood Heights."

Facts about actor Cody Longo, who was born in Littleton, Colorado

Before he passed away, Longo was getting ready to appear in the upcoming film Do You Want to Die in Indio, directed by David Moreton

The star of the TV show cody longo who later starred in the films "Nashville" and "Hollywood Heights," is said by his family to have relapsed and was ultimately killed by alcohol