Startling facts about the Super Bowl you probably didn't knew

Since 1967, there has been the Super Bowl, which is regarded as the most thrilling football-related event.

Additionally, it is Americans' second-biggest eating day of the year

In Super Bowl history, Tom Brady is the quarterback with the most awards.

The first broadcast was watched by 60 million viewers back then; today, that number is more than 100 million

This Sunday in February is the second-highest day for food consumption in the US, behind Thanksgiving, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers Union

in 2015 With 114.4 million viewers, Super Bowl XLIX reportedly had the highest viewership of all time

There are 12 NFL teams that have never taken home the rings, the bonuses, or the big W from the Super Bowl: Browns, Bills, Chargers, Bengals, Cardinals, Falcons, Lions, Jaguars, Panthers, Texans, Titans, and Vikings.

For the halftime show, the NFL doesn't pay bands or other performers.